GCA Triathlon & Team Entry

The Get Companies Active Relay Triathlon is a new and engaging way to bring companies, staff and their families together for a fun team-building day, leaving everyone fitter, happier and having achieved something they can be proud of.

As well as a great way to encourage employees to look after their physical and mental health, leading to reduced absence and sickness, you will be giving your staff an opportunity to train together, build lasting relationships and improve mental stamina – benefits that are bound to spill over into their working life, too.

Even better, this year’s event provides a unique platform to show that your business cares about local charities, helping to fundraise for Bolton Lads & Girls Club, Bolton Hospice and Urban Outreach – 3 great charities covering some of the most important health and socio-economic problems faced by the Bolton community.

This is a relay triathlon, to be entered in teams of 3, making it a great way to form stronger staff-bonds, and complete something as a team for shared pride and achievement.

While this Relay Triathlon is aimed at novices and intermediates, experienced triathlon runners are encouraged to take part too, becoming leaders for the rest of their team, and helping them achieve a portion of the triathlon that remains challenging enough to make them think "why the hell did I sign up for this?", but achieveable enough that they get a sense of real accomplishment when they finish, both as an individual and as part of a team.

A Grand Day-Out

Our triathlon Race-Day is an all-inclusive event, and we’re actively encouraging friends, family and colleagues to get down to the track or poolside to cheer on the teams, finishing with a fantastic family fun-day and barbeque to mark the occasion as a community.

Importance of Charity Work

2017 marks Get Companies Active’s first ever Bolton triathlon, and we want YOU and your team on the starting blocks, raising fitness levels, money for charity and raising the profile of Bolton businesses for the betterment of the community.

We’re not starting off gingerly either; we’re aiming to raise a whopping £30,000 for our charity partners in our first event!

But we need you to help us do it, so whether you’re a Bolton-based employer looking to raise the fitness and focus of your team, improve your company profile, or simply reduce sickness and absence levels with your staff, the Get Companies Active Triathlon is going to be something you and your team are really proud of.

With your support, we know we can lend a huge helping hand to important local charities, such as this year’s big 3: Bolton Lads & Girls club, Bolton Hospice and Urban Outreach – 3 causes worth sweating for!

All profits from the 2017 Bolton Triathlon will be distributed as follows: 33.3% to Bolton Lads and Girls Club (Registered charity no. 1051292), 33.3% to Bolton Hospice (Registered charity no. 518704) and 33.3% to Urban Outreach Bolton (Registered 1044203).

Ready to get your running shoes on? Get on your bike? Or jump into a set of speedos?

Find out how to enter your team here!

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